• Any size
  • High gloss finish to fascia & ceiling
  • Colours: white, light oak, mahogany and Brazilian brown
  • Any BS colour available
  • Two colour option if required
  • Can accommodate soffit detail
  • Fully insulated
  • Maintenance free
  • Choice of fascia designs
  • Ten year guarantee against water ingress
  • Any shape including multiple facets can be achieved
  • Cut – outs around soil pipes
  • Can be fitted with recessed lights
  • Size of 4.1m x 3.2m available in one piece

Hanley Flexi Roof Detail

The Hanley flexi porch is possibly our most versatile product, being available in any size up to our maximum and modular thereafter. It can also be used in conjunction with most of our product range to create more complex roof systems, or on its own with faceted fascia to create one off’s

Traditional Flexi Roof Detail

The Traditional porch roof has a more simplistic horizontally lined facia pattern lends itself to being cut down in its depths more readily than our other facias, thus making it ideal where the standard 190mm facia depth causes problems due to height restrictions.

Support Option For Flexi Porch

Optionally these narrow Flexi porch canopies can be linked to
Romanesque Pillars or Gallows brackets. Eyeball
downlights can be incorporated upon request.

Wider Flexi roofs can be supported using fluted or smooth columns.